Practitioners Presentation and Work in Progress Posters

Call for Practitioners Presentation and Work in Progress Posters

ICKM conference invites paper submissions for Practitioners Presentation (PP) and Work-in-Progress-Posters (WIPP).

Paper submissions on good practices and case studies on knowledge management are welcome to the PP. PP provides KM practitioners with opportunities of oral presentation. A special track [K-cities] are also organized as a part of PP. Paper submissions of PP are only accepted by the general session and K-cities.

On the other hand, we expect paper submissions on on-going challenging and exploratory research or late-breaking results to the WIPP. WIPP will provide opportunities of poster presentation. Both PP and WIPP will be held in conjunction with the main conference. Paper submissions of WIPP are accepted by both general and organized sessions.

Papers submitted to PP and WIPP are not expected to include full literature but should have relevant citations.

Important Dates (PP and WIPP):

  • Paper submission due: August 20, 2015
  • Author notification (PP and WIPP): August 27, 2015
  • Final version due: September 5, 2015
  • Early bird registration: September 10, 2015

Submission Procedure (PP and WIPP):

Paper Length:

  • PP: 1 page
  • WIPP: 1-2 pages


All submissions of PP will be dispatched to and reviewed by general session, whereas ones of WIPP will be by an appropriate session.

  • General Session
  • OS-1: Learning and Teaching Support in Knowledge Management
  • OS-2: Learning Analytics for Managing Organizational and Individual Knowledge
  • OS-3: Trend of Data Science Methodology and Techniques for Big Data/IoT Era
  • OS-4: Information Networking Architecture for Knowledge ManagementPaper submission

All papers accepted for the PP and WIPP sessions will be published in a separate online proceedings. Published PP and WIPP papers will be made available on the official ICKM 2015 website.

At least one author has to be registered by September 10, 2015, for the paper to be included into the conference program and proceedings.