The following map shows hotels that are close to the conference venue, as explained for each one below.

We strongly recommend to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Osaka city is one of the most popular cities in Japan for foreigners to travel around Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, USJ… Thus, hotels especially in Osaka city are quite busy due to increasing visitors from foreign countries.


You can book the following hotels (A to D) at the ICKM conference rate via conference registration system.

A. Osaka Namba Washington Hotel Plaza
Address: 1-1-13, Nipponbashi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka-shi 542-0073
Access: 2 min. walk from Nipponbashi Sta.

B. APA Hotel Namba Shinsaibashi
Address: 2-7-12 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 542-0086
Access 1: 5 min. walk from No.25 exit of Namba Sta. (Midosuji line, Yotsubashi line, Sennichimae line)
Access 2: 7 min. walk from No.7 exit of Shinsaibashi Sta. (Midosuji line, Nagahori-Tsurumiryokuchi line)

Address: 4-31, Sennivhimae, Nanba, Cyuo-ku 542-0075 
Access: 5 min. walk from Namba Sta.

D. Richmond Hotel Namba Daikokucho
Address: 1-8-31 Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi 556-0012 
Access: Approx. 3 min. walk from the exit No.1 of Daikokucho Sta. (Midosuji line)

Following hotels (E to I) are also close to the conference venue. (You need to book the hotel by yourself)

E. Swissotel Nankai Osaka
Address: 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 542-0076
Access: 1 min. walk from Nankai Namba Sta.

F. Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
Address: 1-2-3 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi 556-0017
Access 1: 1 min. walk from JR Namba Sta.
Access 2: Connecting passage from Exit 30 of the north exit of Namba Sta. (Yotsubashi line)
Access 3: Approx. 3 min. walk from the Namba Sta. (Sennichimae line, Midosuji line)

G. Hotel Nikko Osaka
Address: 1-3-3 Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 542-0086
Access: Directly connected to exit 8 from the South-North and South-South gates of Shinsaibashi Sta. (Midosuji line)

H. Namba Oriental Hotel
Address: 2-8-17 Sennichi-Mae, Chuo-Ku, Osaka-shi 542-0074
Access: 5 min. walk from Namba Sta.

I. Hotel Ichiei
Address: 1-6-8 Namba-naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi 556-0011
Access: 5 min. walk from Namba Sta.

Subway Route Information

You can see the detail Subway route map and Timetable for First and Final trains from following link. Conference venue is near Daikokucho Station (Y16, M21). Hotels around Namba Station (Y15, S16, M20) is convenient for access.
(Contents are produced by Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)