Award Winner


  • Best Paper Award
    • Understanding How We Learn: A Case Study on Learner-Mentor Interaction Model
      Koji Tanaka, Kazunori Mizushima, Kiyoshi Nakabayashi and Mitsuru Ikeda
  • Best Young Researcher Award
    • Multi-Type Edge Bundling for Geographic Layout Graph
      Ryosuke Saga
  • OPU President Award
    • Information Security and Cyber Security Research: A Scientometric Analysis and Knowledge Mapping Approach
      Hsia-Ching Chang
  • Best Poster Award
    • HCI Approach to Enhancing Willingness to Communicate in EFL Context
      Emmanuel Ayedoun, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta
  • Osaka Prefecture Governor Award (From Students)
    • Predictive Model Considering Coverage of Transaction by Contrast Patterns
      Mao Nishiguchi
  • Sakai Mayor Award (From Students)
    • Frameworks for Sharing the Design Processes of Peer Support Services for Diabetics
      Ikue Osawa